All our lives we have been taught to think that there is something wrong with us.
There is nothing wrong with us.
We are born perfect and everything that comes after is judgement, suppression, denial, and trying to please.
Our families are loaded with issues when we arrive and we have to learn to find a role and a place so we can survive. So we bend and contort ourselves into a shape that will fit the family picture, and the social and cultural picture.
Our learning process in life and in finding our purpose is about discovering which parts of this conditioning we can let go. Once we find a truer more fluid way to experience ourselves it is much easier to live our own destiny.
We think that once we are through adolescence and into teen and early adult life we are then made, finished and meant to perform.
It is more than this; we are meant to keep on discovering and shedding stuff ,and then make sure we become who we want to be. A lot of us don’t do this properly because we lack self –esteem and we have no support to change our life’s direction.
Ask yourself if you are actually sure there is nothing wrong with you. If you are then fine, relax.
If you are not that sure then start to feel all the ways you feel not ok.
Ask yourself to really bring up the things you don’t think are ok about yourself. Then feel what your body says to you about this. Write lists and then systematically feel your way through them.
Our intellect knows that it is all relative and that we don’t have to care about what others say about us and that we need to just love yourselves .The trouble is that our emotional selves don’t believe any of this. Our emotional selves are carrying agendas from childhood. Unrequited need, love and potential are there in us demanding that we look for answers ,but we look for them in the love and attention of other people. Unfortunately those needs can’t be met by others and we have to see that the answers are inside and we have the keys.
The only way to resolve this dilemma is to explore how we really feel and then through allowing and accepting we let go the unconscious psychodrama of our childhood and begin to find that we truly are ok .
W are not just ok, but that we have a wisdom and self guidance that has instinctively taken care of us up to now, even if we have denied it and fallen down in the process.
Say to yourself often; I am fine, I am O.K., I am perfect.