We may all have differing religious and spiritual views on this question. Even if we a
re a Zoroastrian or a Muslim or a Christian, we are here to live to the absolute best possible manifestation of our potential.
There is a great need to get on with it.
God has a divine purpose for us, which is ultimately to return to the source and merge with the one great consciousness and all our strivings and pains are a part of this greater purpose.
We also each have an individual purpose and I feel that we have a unique and special way to live this.
The key is to live as truly, madly, deeply and committed to making a difference as we possibly can.
The key is also to find out what we love, what we are good at, what we want to contribute, what we value, and then to never compromise until we are living that.
So many people expect the whole box and dice to be given them at birth, and it actually is given to us in the form of our soul and its inherent knowledge and wisdom. But then of course there are the circumstances of our lives which make it rare for anyone to be able to have and live the purpose from day one. Many things get in the way and we have to go on a journey to find out. In some ways the journey is very, very vital to the overall growth achieved on the path. Our cultures make it hard for us to learn through our mistakes because we expect everything to go according to a game plan. When we stumble there are few acceptable and normal opportunities for us to learn from because everyone wants us to get on with it.
We need to learn to take a few risks. We need to learn to not accept the status quo but question it. We need to ask ourselves what people are going to say at our funeral…” He/she was good at compromise, he/she was willing to be quiet about things that were no good, and he/she was within his comfort zone”
We don’t need to be heroes, or leaders (unless we do), or famous, or rich or good in bed. We need to be courageous, ready, conscious and strong.
Ask yourself everyday, “Who am I?”
Ask yourself every day,” What can I do to make a difference?”
Ask yourself everyday,” Am I of service to others?”
Ask yourself everyday,” What have I always wanted to become and how did I know this?”
Make a list of you answers and make decisions about becoming your purpose.
Every day say to yourself “I am living my divine purpose” and see what your body says.