The souls’ path is long and continuous and wise and very flexible. The soul guides you in your learning. The soul makes decisions for you about where and when you can incarnate and how this might serve your growth. Your soul can’t die. Your soul evolves and guides you.
The souls of this world have many paths. There are paths of leadership, of power, of the healer, of the wise one, mystic, seer and sage, of the warrior, or the sexual , of the lover and loved, of the historian and gate keeper, or the bridge maker, the engineer and the teacher. Sometime one can embark on more than one path over many lifetimes and make ways of weaving them together.
There are many and each one of you has a unique and special destiny and purpose to fulfil using the path as the way. It is important for you to make your path by walking, by putting your feet down, by making your history. If you don’t know your path it is hard to find a fit in life and you can feel that you don’t have meaning and portent to your life’s progress. If you don’t know your purpose and path it is hard to make sense of what happens to you. Life seems harder and less rewarding.
It is truly worthy of you all to make a really big effort to find your life path, purpose and destiny.
There are many ways to help yourself along on this quest .If you go to a psychic , make sure that he or she is a really meaningful, deep spiritual reader and not just into pleasing you and placating you. Ask very deep questions. Look hard at the answers you get and don’t just hope that all will descend upon you. Make effort to take seriously what has been said and follow up any suggestions. If you don’t ,then ask yourself why. Become and expert questioner of yourself and your motives.
Ask yourself what you love, what you do well, what you want. Ask yourself if you have ever had any experiences which might reflect the kind of path you might be on. Have you had any past life memories, strange feelings of rightness or familiarity, or that you somehow feel you might know a lot about something without knowing what exactly it is. Drag up all the old memories and experiences you can and examine all of it.
Go into your body and ask lots of questions in a very present, kinaesthetic state and see what your body tells you. Do it often, don’t give up.!