Liz Mckee

So I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for helping me redefine ‘me’ and piece together my self-esteem to even enable me to reach out for new avenues.  I am still suffering anxiety but am much braver about stopping, sitting with it and feeling it …. and letting it go. Each time it gets a little easier. Thank you for uplifting and nurturing sessions of love and light.

Anne Walton

Thank you, thank you, thank you for today – you are SUCH a blessing in my life(Spell Check on my phone just wrote out that you are a Legend and so you are! Essential truths from Spell Check!!) I have already written an email to the guy who owes me money and I feel good about that. I will start making my budget list now, right after I get some lunch, I’m starving! Thank you again, you are truly amazing!!

Lani Saraswati

Liz helped me to shift a past trauma which was limiting my life experience. Her unique model of psychotherapy. has been developed not just out of her formal educational training but out of her life experience. Liz is supportive, encouraging and a true wise woman!


Lizzy thank you!!!

This is so spot on…everything including the anger, the arrogance, the need to build my ability to lead people. I’m amazed that you can pick so much from a couple of photos.

Kate Duffy

I did the kinaesthetic process with Liz Watters about 4 years ago. It definitely changed my life for the better. I had suffered with depression since I was a teenager, I was on antidepressants for 10 years.

Liz helped me come off the antidepressants which I will always be grateful for as for me they just served as a band aid. She helped me get to the bottom of why I was getting depressed, I was then able to deal with it, accept it and move on. Now I don’t get “depressed” I just have a bad day every now & then.

I was very comfortable with Liz to open up and talk about things that previously I could not talk with anyone about, she made me feel safe & helped me value myself for who I am.

I would highly recommend Liz, she is a very caring, wise & mindful lady who I
will forever be grateful to.


I have asked Liz for a couple of readings and have found her to be very accurate with interesting information that I’ve been able to relate to issues going on in my life at that time.

Liz is excellent, I trust her completely with the information she provides.

Franziska, Benoit, Alexandre and Nicolas

Liz readings gave the whole family a deep understanding of who we are. It provided food for thought and caused very interesting discussions within our family. It became a part of our lives. We recommend this spiritual experience to anybody who wants to grow and to learn about themselves.

Franziska, Benoit, Alexandre and Nicolas are aged between 15 and 51.