This is a one hour reading which is a combination of psychic and intuitive information along with spiritual guidance.

Liz gives an overview of your soul’s evolution and guidance about how you learn, where you’re going and what your soul wants you to do. Your purpose and destiny, your karma and your needs and wishes, your capacities and your talents that are all part of your story. The future you are creating and how you can make it clear and purposeful are discovered and discussed in great detail.

There is a focus on family, health, money and love but all within the context of your higher self.

I don’t use any divination tools but I meditate briefly with you first.  I can speak with those who have passed only as long as the soul permits and you, as the client, have asked for this. It is easier with a photo but a name can be as good.”

A couple’s reading allows people in relationship to see what the learning and karmic dimensions of their connection are in a safe and sensitive way. You will see the spiritual dynamics at play with respect and understanding. It is not predictive but instructive, safe and easy to integrate.

A children’s reading is shorter and takes into account the state of mind and age of the young person. The intention is not to influence but to encourage and inspire. For younger children, it is possible to help with specific problems such as nightmares, fears and phobias and other difficulties. It can be done from a photo if necessary.


Individual $100.
Couples $150
Children $50

For an email reading, please send photos if possible of those in your life you might want discuss as well as those who have passed on, if desired. A list of your questions helps as well.

Birth Reading

This is a soul reading to show you what happened during your conception, pregnancy and birth experience. It will help you see some of the stories you bought from that time which became a metaphor for you. It will help you create process to release these memories. Bring your recording device as it will help you enact changes that might be discovered during the session.

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