First you must make sure that if you are ill you have been to see a doctor and are following advice.
It pays to hedge your bets, but it also pays to take on the serious course of action required to heal yourself in a spirit of dedication and commitment.
Make a new start today and have thorough look at the most basic important factors in health. They are; Diet, Exercise, lifestyle and thinking and emotional habits.
There are so many people out there telling us what to do about the fact that our health is compromised by our modern lifestyle and that we need to do this or that. First we do need to see how compromised we are.
We need to know that there is absolutely no lack of alternatives to bad, de-natured, overproduced and dead food. There are many organic producers; there are many ways to eat well if we don’t have money. The answer is starting simple. The message out there had never changed. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, make your protein simple, and keep carbs to a reasonable quantity.
Try very hard to avoid preservatives, additives, thickeners, and all the junk they put in packaged and tinned foods.
As far as diets and nutrition and health advice go, ask your body. You will be the only one who knows what suits you. Trust your instincts and develop them. Learn to feel what your body feels about food, drink, drugs and anything else you do to it. Once you get good at this then healing yourself is very natural and easy.
Exercise is the same. Don’t do exercise that bores you but make a point of enjoying it. Make a routine and stick to it.
Lifestyle; make sure you have space, clean air, music, fun, love and sex..if you can
Emotional habits
Thinking and emotional habits will definitely make you sick if you don’t allow yourself to complete and resolve things in your life. If you make a habit of hanging on to things, they can atrophy, they can decay and cause health issues.
If you are ill, go into a relaxed state, become aware of your body, and go to the part that is ill. (If you don’t know where it is look up an anatomical diagram), feel the part that is ill. Go right inside it and experience what it has been trying to tell you. Allow it to feel. Once you are complete it should have let you know what you can do to heal yourself and what you are really feeling that has created the illness. If you find this too hard to do then find a Kinaesthetic practitioner and do it with them.