On a simple level the answers are amazingly easy to learn. There are first steps to take.
1. Set yourself up for learning.
2. Make a time every day to follow the steps.
3. Tell yourself you are on a new path. Think of it this way.
4. Keep a journal.
5. Write a list of the things you want to achieve or have in each area of your life.ie, health, wealth, success, spirituality, relationships etc. Don’t worry if there are lots of them. In the end you’ll see that they all connect.
6. If you are going to read new age books, keep your reading simple. One step at a time
7. Don’t worry about your pace. Take it at your own pace. It is not a competition.
8. Assume you will get to where you want to be, there is no reason not to. Use this assumption as a test to feel it you are struggling or not. If you are struggling just keep on the path.
9. For every question, there is an answer. We live in a dualistic, polarised universe. There must be an answer.
10. Don’t try to think positive, just allow whatever comes.
11. Don’t look for evidence that it doesn’t work of that it does, just do it and keep doing it until you feel differently about it.
12. Commit yourself to 40 minutes of a form of exercise you like three times a week. Don’t do anything you don’t love.
13. Learn a basic form of meditation to do on the days you don’t exercise. If you can’t do that just do OOOHM. Sit quietly and comfortably , close you eyes and say out loud slowly. On the out breath say OOOHHHMM..for at least ten minutes.
14 Take on an inventory of how you are feeling today. Do nothing about it, just notice.
15 Start noticing how you feel generally. Just explore, don’t think, don’t worry. No point.
Learn lots of skills, healing, meditating, etc, discipline is important..try everything.