To create abundance you need to allow yourself to recognise and appreciate all the abundance you already have and flow along with it.
Gratitude is first. Be grateful for your breath, your pulse, your heart faithfully pumping for all of your days so far, your mind giving you challenges and ideas, your emotions giving you a sense of presence, feeling and desire.
Be grateful for your people, even if you have no immediate family or friends, be grateful for being a part of a world full of people who co-exist with you.
Be grateful for the earth and all that she does for us, growing, flowing sustaining and healing.
Be grateful for all the things that sustain you and give you opportunity.
As you begin to number the things in your life you have try to experience the feeling that comes with it. Be in your body and feel that abundance, even if it is hard because you perceive lack. If when you feel the feeling around the things you do have, and you get a feeling of lack and need and unfulfilled desire and frustration, then feel that.
Having and owning and keeping and building are all a product of flow not stuckness. Those who create and build, whoever and whatever they are, are not building on fear but fluidity and permission to fail and make mistakes. They are allowing the process to unfold within themselves and facing stuff as it comes.
Abundance is a concept but it also a reality of already existing limitless resources and we need to start seeing it this way.
List all that you feel you have already created. List all that you want to create, and feel what your body says about these things.
Make a decision to give as well. Make a decision to be a source of abundance.