In the general order of things people ask this question when they are not happy .They are not asking how to be happy but how to solve the problems creating the unhappiness.
Being happy is not an answer to anything but a lovely bi-product of being fulfilled, being creative, being resolved and being many other things.
Ask yourself, “What is the problem?”
Most people think that if they have more money they would be happy. I also wonder if this is true. I have discovered that it is true when there are things I want to do with the money that fulfil my needs and wishes but there are also reasons why having more money may not make me more happy. I realise that whatever you do ,you bring your problems along with you and they still need to be resolved. On an obvious note, money would make life easier for all of us, but we may be holding old memories and feelings about having things that stop the flow around money. Money is not the only issue. Just substitute whatever you like. Love, sex, a child, better job…
Here is a good test for your clarity on this issue.
Sit quietly in your own space. Relax. Feel your body. Allow whatever is there inside you just to be there. Notice your thoughts coming and going. When you are calm, ask yourself the question,” When I have …….how will I feel?” Just allow your body to answer. Something will arise in your body, an emotion, an image, a thought, words or images… As it does, just allow it to come. You will know then, what it is that is stopping you from having what you want. It may be subtle at first. But grasp whatever comes and just allow and feel it. I will show you your deep unconscious truth around the issue. Then instead of setting out to dominate and change this thing that is in the way, just allow and feel until it uses up it’s energy.
Write a list of your goals, wishes and needs and do this process on all of them.