The sacred chalice is the crucible of the soul. It is the medium of the breath. It is the conduit and the cipher of the body. It is sacred geometry moving in the shape of transcendence in energy and thought. The path and the passage, the space and the time, all that is and is not. We are sacred and profane. We are earth and sky.

When you mix psychotherapy and the psychic together in the chalice a fire ignites. The souls knowing and the power of the mind, connect. That which we have always wanted, begins; to know yourself in a fluid soul centred way, to respond to life as if you trust yourself and to feel guided always by your own star.

Activated by visualisation, ritual and process, enacted by the opening of the will, embodying the felt awareness of the universal flow, you are the answers you seek and you are the becoming.

The sacred Chalice work is five sessions one to one. Each session is two hours.

This course is a psychic training as much as it is a seeking of self knowledge and a resolution to some of the mysteries and sorrows you life has produced

  • You will uncover and release painful patterns
  • You will make peace with your needs and wishes
  • You will learn to listen to you inner knowing and intuition
  • You will learn to trust guidance from yourself and your divine connection
  • You will be able to face life with confidence and power
  • You’ll know more of your destiny and purpose and how to live it

The work is psychic and mystical but it is also therapeutic and techniques from KinAesthetic Process, dream work and Narrative therapy are used. Rituals and practices from Mystics work and psychic development are also used.