Conscious Parenting

When we free ourselves from our most pressing unconscious childhood needs and agendas, we are free to allow kids to be more themselves. Children’s issues are simpler for us to understand when we are not as cluttered ourselves. Questions about permissiveness and discipline, boundaries and expression of feelings, control vs. spoiling and more, are discussed in a way that allows our natural empathies and intuition to surface. Let’s take the guilt out of parenting!


Unconscious agendas, karmic needs and wishes and unrequited ideals are all discussed here in a safe and clear context. Communication skills are enhanced, stresses released and intentions and contracts put forward. This is a real coming to awareness in a loving way… all will be thrilled at the ability to reach simple truths and act on them.


This is a demanding, powerful course with high standards for participation and personal development. We look into the motivation, purpose, skills and realities of leadership. There is a challenge here to reach tougher levels of self-awareness and integrity.

Spiritual Leadership

Here we aspire to the high ground of spirituality in leadership by challenging our moral, ethical and spiritual standards. Our ability to consciously create the realities we want for ourselves and others is put under examination and we have to set up a project to enact in the community for our higher service. Intention, power, self-mastery, compassion and love are all contexts we create for this course.

Conscious Birth

In a safe and easy environment we bring out old conditioning around birth. This allows us to create the birth we want and know we have some tools for allowing pain to help rather than hinder us. All circumstances are taken into account and no-one is encouraged to contradict their medical advice. We enhance the natural ability we have to birth by connecting with what works. This course creates lifetime outcomes for all parties.

Destiny and Purpose

This course gives us back our dreams and wishes and makes it possible to know what we want and need to fulfill our purpose. We all have inherent qualities which will engender our direction, we just need to feel them and embrace them.