This course can be adapted to any country’s exam system.

Doing the final High School exams is an eighteen -month process in Australia filled with escalating tension and stress along with a lot of hard work.

Kids need some help to regulate themselves in order not to accumulate dread, fear of failure and worry about results. This class gives techniques for achieving best possible outcomes.

  • Dealing with Dread
  • What’s between you and your best
  • Know a little more about what you want to do after
  • Coping in general
  • Handling your parents
A one day seminar designed to:

  • Give you simple tools to manage the stress
  • Help you discover who you are and what you want to do in life
  • Help you understand and change what is between you and the mark you want in the HSC

This could make all the difference to your achievement! It can be done at any time but it is best to do it as close to the beginning of the HSC year as possible.