All workshops are five sessions long and all cost $400. In a group and $800 if held one to one.

A Five session Course

When we free ourselves from our most pressing unconscious childhood needs and agendas, we are free to allow kids to be more themselves. Children’s issues are simpler for us to understand when we are not as cluttered ourselves. Questions about permissiveness and discipline, boundaries and expression of feelings, control vs. spoiling and more, are discussed in a way that allows our natural empathies and intuition to surface. Let’s take the guilt out of parenting!

  • Softening, surrendering and opening to parenting
  • Allowing kids to be more of themselves
  • Discipline and punishment –what does it do?
  • Dealing with ones own inner brat.
  • Enjoying your time.
It’s a booby trap-There’s no training or preparation for becoming a parent but there could be.

  • Share all your concerns with a likeminded group
  • Realise that we only have to be present
  • Begin to be able to process what makes us feel inadequate and angry
  • Make the very most of their youth

Children are the great test of our maturity and our strength, they mirror all our frustrations and unwittingly play on our insecurities, yet they give us unstinting passionate unconditional love.

A six session course.