Liz Watters BA.Comm.MCAP.

Liz Watters is a talented Psychotherapist and counsellor. She has completed a Masters in Applied Psychotherapy and Counselling. Liz works in Australia, London, Mumbai and Nairobi in Kenya and has online clients all over the world.

Bringing many years of experience to the work, she has also invented her own forms of brief therapy. The Kinaesthetic Process designed to help you make changes, let go your patterns and live in the present. With a more spiritual emphasis, The Sacred Chalice work is designed to open the intuition and the sense of the sacred self within the therapy process.

Liz is also a very well respected Psychic and has long been engaged in the art of helping people find their soul purpose and understand their path in the process. With the desire to help create change and mastery for her clients Liz designed over 20 self discovery courses . She travels often to work and live in Africa where she is also part of a project helping to build a school in a village orphanage. Her African Tree of Life Safaris is a tour business taking people into the heart of African culture and spirit in a wonderful authentic way.

Liz lives in Avalon and also works in the CBD of Sydney. She has five daughters and considers her life purpose to, “change the world and help to prevent suffering”. Liz has a loving compassionate presence and works hard to empower and uplift her clients.